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Greensburg UMC believes that all Christian believers should have a Christian funeral or memorial service, celebrating their life on earth and their resurrection to eternal life. Member and non-member services can be held here, subject to availability.

If you wish to have a guest pastor conduct the funeral, that must be arranged through our pastor.

While there is no fee to use the sanctuary for funerals, it is customary to give an honorarium to the people who work hard to provide a lovely farewell to your loved one.

Often the funeral home may handle this on your behalf. In cases of great financial stress, please speak with our pastor.

A dinner or other time of fellowship following the service can be a wonderful way to share memories in an informal setting.

We will do our best to accommodate your wishes, subject to the availability of the fellowship hall and kitchen crew.

The cost varies depending on a few factors, such as what kind of food you want.

Note to church families: Our Pastor will do his very best to be able to serve at your loved one's funeral. However, sometimes there are things that simply can't be changed (for example, a wedding or a previously scheduled memorial service).

Please contact the church office before you make final arrangements with the funeral home so that we can do our best to give your loved one a fitting farewell.

Contact the church office at 330-896-1936 or .

May God's love surround you and carry you through this difficult time.