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March 3rd
We will be painting, please bring messy paint clothes.
This will also be our week to introduce the plans for Lent.

March 10th
Prodigal Son, “A Story of Homecoming: The Younger Son Leaves” - Spaghetti Night

March 17th
Prodigal Son, “The Younger Son Returns” Restaurant Night

March 24th
Prodigal Son, “The Elder Son Leaves” Nacho Night

March 31st
Youth Talent Show

Pop Out For Missions

Challenge for Lent. On Sunday March 3rd bring your own fav drink! Then that’s it. We begin to fast! Parents are encouraged not to purchase soda pop for their kids at restaurants or at the grocery store. Parents then calculate the savings from their household budgets and pledge this amount towards their teens’ PopOut!

Challenge. Parents and youth can get pledges from grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and teachers who pledge according to the number of days kids can go without.

Please collect all the money into a clean 2 liter bottle of soda (theme!) On the final day we all bring the money back in with in the drink packages. We lay them at the alter and pray over them.

The kids may once again drink—remembering to be thankful for their own blessings, but also remembering the children around the world who don’t get to celebrate the many material blessings that we are thankful for.

Youth Talent Show

We will be having a Talent Show Dinner for our March Family Ministry event!

To prepare for this, we ask all performers (any age) to sign up by contacting Pastor Alex at to sign up. When signing up please let us know the talent that you will be showing, any needs of stage (microphone, music needs, etc) and list how much time you will need. This will help us place you in the right slot.

Please RSVP by March 10th. The Talent show will be on March 31 in the evening.
More Information
For more information about out Youth Group or Youth activities, call the church office at 330-896-1936, or send an email to: