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Have we got some news for you!! One of the most exciting missions you're going to hear about these days is happening right here at Greensburg UMC, and it's called Bed Brigade, just in case you haven't heard about it already! It is all about making and delivering beds to kids who don't have beds of their own.

Sadly, there are more kids in that category than we ever imagined

We purchase the wood and other building supplies needed from donated funds, the mattresses are donated, and individuals can contribute new bedding, or money to purchase it or other needed supplies as well.

After our resident Lumber Jacks pre-cut the wood, the bed frames are put together, currently right in our church's gym. We then deliver the finished beds all with complete sets of bedding, to some very happy kids.

We are partnering with Jackson and Green Local Schools, Summit DD, OPEN-M, and Harmony House to identify people in need of beds. We are partnering with the PLCC Building Trades program and Broc Bidlick (from Dalton) to build frames. It is time to devote another morning assembling frames and bedding for the (over 80 useable) mattresses that we received this summer so we are ready to deliver beds when they are requested.

You are invited to take part in one or more of the following ways: Donate bedding (new mattress covers, sheets and pillow cases, blankets, pillows, etc.) or money to purchase needed supplies. Join us in the gym when we have our next build on Saturday, April 22nd. The goal on that day is to build 40 new bed frames. More information to come as the date gets closer.

We continue to seek out and contact families in need of beds. If you know of anyone or would like to volunteer to help in this mission. Please fill out the appropriate form below.

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For more information on our Bed Brigade Ministry, call the church office or send an email to