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A Message From Rev. Katie

Rev. Katie Osier

Worship has been building to a season of renewal of our commitments to Christ and to Christ’s church. As we explore the meaning of a Disciple’s Path, disciple has been defined as one who “adhere.”

Specifically for us, the goal is for each of us to better adhere to Jesus – what Jesus says, does, and how Jesus lives. Through presence, prayers, witness, gifts, and service, we are engaged in a journey with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and in turn inviting others along with us for the adventure in store.

I pray you have taken the time to participate in the experiential pieces tied into each week of worship, along with the Grow, Pray, Study sheets.

The fall membership class coincides with the series on the five areas by which members promise to uphold Christ’s church:

How does our presence matter not only in worship and in small groups, but in the world around us? How much more does the presence of Christ in us impact us and those around us?

How are we engaging in daily conversation with God – the one who yearns to speak with us just as we are? Through the Holy Spirit, how are we called to be an answer to prayer for someone else?

How are those who have witnessed to us transforming us to bear witness to Jesus Christ to a new generation? How will God use your story to help transform the world around you?

How do we imitate Jesus’ generosity?
How do we demonstrate joyful and intentional generosity?

How are we recognizing God’s call in our lives to use our spiritual gifts to fill the needs in the community around us?

On Sunday, November 18, each of us will have the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to these commitments in our own faith journey as it connects to our engagement with Christ’s church and with our community.

As we move forward, will you prayerfully consider how these will engage our lives in order that through Christ we might transform the world?

Rev. Katie
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