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VBS 2018

A Message from Pastor Katie

Rev. Katie Osier

From Our Pastor

Happy Resurrection!

As we move out of our series of REHAB into the season of celebrating new life all around us, we will start to hear witnesses in the New Testament to share their stories of how the resurrected Jesus appeared to them. Their testimonies only burden us with the following questions:

What is our story? What is our testimony? How has Christ transformed our hearts and lives so much that we can share this moment with others? What is stopping us?

At the beginning of my time here, I put before you other questions that will help us significantly as we move into this series intended for challenge and growth. Do you remember what they are?

Where do you see God or Jesus acting around you? God’s presence is constant – we simply need to pay attention and take notice. Once we have a solid practice of looking and seeing, God’s work will only become that much more noticeable.

What is breaking God’s heart about the community? Practicing witnessing God around us will also move us to notice where shadows lie – where heartbreak exists – and where God yearns for us to act in love.

What gifts has God given to us through God’s Spirit in which to pour light and hope into these places of brokenness?

All of these questions will help mold our story as we continue to journey together. I look forward to seeing what stories exist – what gifts live in our community – and the direction God calls GBUMC next.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Katie Osier
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