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A Message From Rev. Katie

Rev. Katie Osier

Greetings Beloved – God loved!

August is a month where we cling to the last hopes of summer, but also start preparing for fall. With school starting, ministries kicking off, and, for Greensburg, a 50 year celebration of being a United Methodist Church in this building, it is time to consider the focus for the church and the direction it is heading for the next year.

In order to do so, your pastor had to reflect as to what I heard and learned this year. One thing that had been repeated to me from various places in the congregation is, “Rev. Katie, it feels like we never accomplish anything we set out to do.” Part of that feeling or thinking is that ministry never has a solid completion point. In fact, pastors are instructed to get a hobby where you can complete something and feel the satisfaction of completion. Yet, in looking over all of the vision material in my possession since 2000, it seems like the same tune is hashed out again and again.

So where do we start? The Healthy Church Initiative seems the likely spot. It provides clear prescriptions from which to jump and a common point of health in order to move us forward. What were/are the Healthy Church Initiative Prescriptions? They are as follows, with my added comments as to what has been accomplished to the best of my knowledge

Mission & Vision

a. Mission statement becomes: Making disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We are currently working on putting this on every piece of written and electronic material to keep it before us. All ministries should funnel through this lens.

b. Vision Day: My understanding that a vision day had been held in the fall of 2012. Being six years later, we will plan for another vision day in late fall as well to refresh our understanding where God is calling us to engage the community.

Intentional Faith Development

a. The initial prescription called for a group of people to lead the church in encouraging faith development as well as create offerings for persons at various stages of their spiritual development. The goal is to get 60% of the congregation involved in Sunday School or small group attendance. We are close.

b. There was an education team that did exist at one point, but became burned out. It is the prayer and hope of the staff that we can work together to put a discipleship formation team together to reach each age and stage.


a. The pastor was to begin to use the Accountable Leadership model with Ad Council providing goals and accountability to the mission and vision. Then, the pastor was to develop a plan to utilize the Lay Leadership Development materials with all current and future leaders.

b. Were you confused by this? Yes, me too – honestly. What I have gained in the closer past is the move to One Board Church Model, which we are trying out with Ad Council. What it does is consolidate members on the administrative committees (SPRC, Trustees, Finance) as well as ministerial teams into one board which functions as all. This will free up persons who may just be attending meetings to do something for the church to actual ministries with the community through the body of Christ. More to come on this.


a. Put a team together to focus on hospitality and connecting new people into the life of the church. Tasks included: church signage; assess church communication – both paper and electronic – to create one clear message about the church; recruit, train, coordinate a hospitality team of greeters, ushers, and welcome center volunteers; schedule a congregational wide hospitality workshop; develop a new process for connecting guests into the life of the church.

b. Our Connections and hospitality team is alive and well. They work monthly towards this end. They will be revisiting this goal next month in order to continue this development

Children's Ministry

a. The goal is to hire someone part time to children’s ministry – to equip lay leaders in the ministry as well as develop ministry and programs which reach not only those who attend Greensburg UMC, but to all of the community.

b. Starting August 1, we welcomed Alexander Miller (Alex) as our Family Ministries Director. Alex will be overseeing the ministries with children and students. We are blessed to have such a well experienced and gifted young man to join the staff to this end.

I pray that you are able to see forward motion in these five prescriptions. Again, these ministries are ongoing – they will grow and morph into who we are as a nook of the body of Christ, but will also challenge us to be intentional about what it means to be the body of Christ in the community.

Moreover, will you pray? Pray for all the ministries of the church; pray for how God is guiding you to engage in the ministries God is calling us to do in the city of Green as Christ’s body; pray how God is calling you to step up in your generosity of living, loving, and leading; pray for the unknown; pray in praise and thanksgiving.

God’s voice is calling – It’s time Greensburg UMC!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Katie
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