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Bible School 2019

A Message From Rev. Katie

Rev. Katie Osier

To all of God’s beloved: Two weeks ago, those in attendance affirmed the new Vision Statement with overwhelming support.

Greensburg UMC will invite their neighbors to know Christ by engaging in acts of service. Or as the tag line goes: Greensburg UMC will love our neighbors, engage our neighbors, and serve our neighbors. This calls us to bear, witness, and extend God’s unconditional, sacrificial love to all we encounter and all who come through our doors.

Now, the Special Session of General Conference (global) has ended. The pieces of legislation that have passed include a petition for an extended time for Central Conferences (non-US) to implement a plan put into place by the General Conference, a petition on Pensions for clergy, the Traditional Plan, and one disaffiliation (exit) plan.

These petitions will now go before Judicial Council (the UMC’s “supreme court”) to rule on their UMC constitutionality. If they are found unconstitutional, they cannot be implemented.

Prior to the close of General Session, it was stated that the Pensions plan was constitutional, a majority of the Traditional Plan was found unconstitutional, and the disaffiliation plan was unknown. What does this mean for us as a church in our community?

We wait. We watch. We pray. We breathe. And we move forward. Following the mission statement of the United Methodist Church, which is shared by GUMC, is this sentence: “Local churches and extension ministries of the Church provide the most significant arenas through which disciple-making occurs. (UMC Book of Discipline)”

There has never been a better time to be church—providing radical welcome, food, clothes, and spiritual nourishment to and for all.

Our new vision statement challenges us to take up the radical love of Jesus and put it to work. How will we radically Love, Engage, and Serve our neighbors—reaching marginalized and hurting persons in our community, especially the LGBTQ community, in light of this Conference?

I pray in the days, weeks, months, and years to come, the community of Green and all communities to which we connect can see us break forth with the reckless and relentless love of God as we seek to live out the Gospel together.

I pray that all can be reassured of their self-worth and true value within the body of Christ, and that we can affirm it in one another.

Please know my door and schedule is open to sit down and talk with you if you need to process. I am here to journey with you, beloved children of God. In the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ—that calls us to Love, Engage, and Serve,

Rev. Katie
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