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A Message From Rev. Katie

Rev. Katie Osier

Beloved in Christ

This past month we have been wrestling with the understanding of neighboring. Who is my neighbor? When we neighbor, what are the results?

Neighboring begins right where we are. You have been challenged to get to know your neighbors around you – their names, their lives – and I pray you have taken the chance to branch out. It can also begin with people in the congregation.

Over the next month, I challenge you to get to know someone you have not yet met, or maybe you had exchanged names once or twice before and you have forgotten. That’s okay. Part of neighboring helps us break down walls, even the walls of the unknown. It assists in helping us invite others to ministries within and outside of the church. It assists in praying for one another and how to pray for one another.

Neighboring is holy conversation and part of God’s ultimate will – to bring everyone back together into one family with Christ as the head (even if we, like most families, all don’t get along).

We will be having many guests come in and out of our doors over the next month – with Rally Day and a 50th celebration coming.

What a statement it would make if we made the effort to get to know everyone who came through our doors: those who we know, those who we are learning to know, and those who we are meeting (maybe again) for the first time.
,br> Friends – we are FAMILY. Might we be courageous enough to get to know our brothers and sisters in and outside of the church, that we might embrace the fullness of Christ’s kingdom here on earth.

As Jesus said to the one inquiring, “who is my neighbor,” “Go and do likewise (show mercy/loving kindness).” Luke 10:37

Rev. Katie Osier
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